Someday, We All Die

from by Coelacanth



Regardless of race, regardless of tribe
Of what religion, someday we all die
Left or ring wing, across the divide
Our fates the same, someday we all die

No escape, for you or I
No way around it, someday we all die
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Our fates are the same, someday we all die

Do you live with endless fear
Of the thought your death is near?
Will you embrace an end to this life?
A final release, from pain and strife?

No soul lives on when this life is through
No afterlife awaits to look forward to
As you reach the end, try not to forget
This hellish life is all that we get

Someday, we all die!


from Demo, released March 14, 2013




Coelacanth Cincinnati, Ohio

Metal/punk from Cincinnati, Ohio. Go to Facebook for the most up-to-date show info.

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